DR. Anand Pandurangi

Having come from a humble background I studied in Kannada Medium Schools, at Rural & Taluka Places.

Graduated in Medicine from the prestigious Karnataka Medical College Hubli and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine from Karnataka University, Dharwad I worked with Dr.B.M.Debsikdar a very renowned psychiatrist at Miraj. Having gained experienced under the able guidance of Dr.B.M.Debsikdar, my urge to serve the people at my home town brought me Dharwad. I began my own consultation in Psychiatry, a branch unheard of during those days. I made a gradual beginning with a focus of reaching the grass root level  of entire north Karnataka. I have left no stone unturned in this mission of reaching people. I had to overcome many obstacles. I had to break the wrong notion in people’s mind who thought that Psychiatry consultation was only for mad people. People did not dare to be seen anywhere close to a psychiatric clinic.

I had to break through all these barriers in reaching out to the people, and bringing an awareness in their minds.

My area of focus was on adolescent care and guidance. In striving to accomplish this goal I have practically visited every educational Institution and conducted lots of sessions for parents, teachers and students alike.

I personally feel it is everybody's responsibility to see that these young adolescent minds are channelized in the right direction. As we are aware that these young minds are our future hopes and strength of the Nation.

A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy nation is my basic focus and aim.

I have achieved the highest professional satisfaction and social recognition for my work. I have been a recipient of many awards and have also been honoured by the state with the Rajyotsava Award in 2005.