Dr Anand Pandurangi

Dr Anand Pandurangi is a household name in north part of Karnataka, not only for his clinical prowess in psychiatry and community based therapeutic approach but also for his philanthropic activities in the community.

Dr Anand Pandurangi has his graduation in medicine from Karnataka Medical College, Hubli, and post-graduate honours from Karnataka University, Dharwad, acquiring his clinical skills training from the erstwhile Karnataka Institute of Mental Health, Dharwad. He later honed his skills working with Dr.B.M.Debsikdar, an illustrious psychiatrist, at Miraj.

He was always keen on community service, wanting to render his skills to the needy in his home-
town and surrounding districts, which drew him back to Dharwad. He set up a modest clinic at his home, where he welcomed the patients round the clock who sought his aid. 

Three decades ago, mental health awareness was virtually unheard of and was associated with extreme stigma. Dr Anand Pandurangi endeavoured towards educating the masses at every available opportunity in the community which paved the way for pleasant and non-judgmental access to the aggrieved people with mental disorders. His numerous camps at various places in adjoining districts brought the care to the front-yard of the afflicted.

Dr Anand Pandurangi always believed in imparting awareness in the young, thereby nipping stigma in the bud and creating knowledge in adolescents. To this effect, he has been addressing educational Institutions and conducted sessions for students, parents and teachers regularly. He is frequently requested for a discourse by various institutions to impart familiarity with the oft forgotten essential information on mental health.

All of his efforts and contributions have not gone unnoticed. He is the receipient of various awards and honours like the Karnataka Rajyotsava award, Dr B C Roy award to name a few off the long list of merits conferred onto him. 

Dr Anand Pandurangi  believes that "A healthy mind in a healthy body" paves way to a healthy and a strong nation which he strives in his might to achieve.